New sponsors added for 2014!

We only use the best parts on the AtomicFusion Corvette, for 2014 we will continue to use some of the great products that have helped us get here, but now we will be able to call these companies sponsors!

None of these products are new to the car, we have been using them all along, but we are working closer with the manufactures and want to make sure that our fans know where to get the best parts!

VP Racing Fuels, I get asked all the time what fuel we use. It is VP's good old C16, That's right, we still burn Gasoline!
PAC Springs, how to we keep the valve train alive with all that lift? PAC Springs, that's how!
Victory Valves, the valves have been in every set of heads we have ever built... if you bought some of my take off, chances are you have them too!
This year we switched to ROSS pistons and we couldn't be happier! We have finally got a piston design that holds the power and lives to race another day.
Drive Racing Oil. We only run XP6 in the car!

Don't forget to support our sponsors! If you like seeing my car do what it does, these guys need to know you buy their products because you saw it working on my car. Please tell them I sent you when you buy their products so they will know we are showing everyone how great their products are.