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That's right, you can get your parts shipped internationally as well... I know not many vendors do this, but we want everyone in the world to have the opportunity to go fast!

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CarlyleRacing is now a ReplayXD dealer!

I wanted a better camera system for the car... I was tired of having to setup 3 go pros, have someone make sure they are aimed correctly and then start them every race.  In addition to that, they were costing me MPH in a run.  So I started looking for a better option.

ReplayXD had what I was looking for!

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Cage mounted cameras that I can hard wire to power AND remote activation by my record button on my data logger!  That's right, now I don't have to do anything!  Every pass will get recorded with the buttons that are already getting pushed!

The NEW ReplayXD Prime X will allow remote activation, constant power, and even WIFI access so my crew can monitor what the cameras are seeing real time!

Well, since I like to sell what I run, I had to become a dealer to offer these products for sale!

Now you can buy anything ReplayXD sells from me online, in person, or at the track!

When you come by the pits I will have some product in stock and on hand ready for delivery, and for those big custom orders we can drop ship direct from ReplayXD to you!

If you have been considering a Camera system check these out!  Contact me today for your best price.

replay replay2

Replay Prime X will be available at the end of the month, Replay 1080Mini systems are available today!